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Leadership and Management Training

We provide a wide range of leadership and management training

Either as one-off sessions or as programmes to form part of career development, succession planning or enhanced business capability

Face to face interactive training workshops

Sometimes referred to as ‘espresso sessions’ which are often used for those who have limited learning time or perhaps are technical staff needing ‘people skills’.

Bite size high impact short sessions

To provide a more coaching style of leadership, to drive culture change, increase accountability or simply to build confidence, resourcefulness and decision making.

Coaching, executive coaching and coaching training

E-learning using either virtual learning environments or full learning management systems. We can also produce bespoke courses for clients using their source materials.

E-learning including production of courses for clients

To assist busy in-house trainers and also high quality 4K training videos allowing large scale training at an economic cost.

Production of trainer materials

You can choose from nearly 40 trainers to find the one who is right for you. We work with you to ensure the right chemistry.

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